Global fisheries collapse to hit Africa first: African waters among most likely to experience collapsing fisheries due to overfishing and poor management. read...

CBCRM RC and NFR statement on the oil spill: The Petron/Solar 1 oil spill shows the failure of corporations to concretize their social responsibility and of government to perform its regulatory functions. read...

E-group discussion on learning communities plus summary: Blog records the postings of RC fellows and participants from the IASCP conference in Oaxaca, Mexico. read...

W-T-O spells emptier oceans: Resource Center's statement on the WTO HK Ministerial Meeting. read...

Post-tsunami regional consultation: Report on the Colombo post-tsunami regional consultation, 15-17 June 2005. read...

OD Research Report: Survey of frameworks and experiences of OD work in the Philippines. read...

Learning CBCRM latest issue (2006): Focus on CBNRM. Lead article by Julian Gonsalves, CBNRM as underexploited opportunity for empowering communities. read...


About the CBNRM LC

The Community-Based Natural Resources Management (CBCRM) Learning Center was established in 1995 to promote exchange of experiences and generation of knowledge on community-based natural resources management in the Philippines and Asia.


The CBNRM Learning Center envisions a society that allows women and men to live and realize their full potentials in harmony with the environment, affirms the love for life and strives to develop a deep respect for all its forms and interactions, upholds equity, justice, participation and empowerment as primary values, and promotes reverence for the environment as it continually seeks to understand and work with nature to sustain ecological integrity. The Learning Center believes in the inherent rights and responsibilities of individuals and communities to care for, manage and enjoy their resources. It affirms their ability to learn, organize themselves, hope and realize their vision of a sustainable society.



To support a people's movement that advances and participates in the production, dissemination and application of knowledge for social transformation through learning communities of resource users, researchers, practitioners and advocates of CBNRM.


  1. To build the capacity of civil society actors in learning and knowledge management through:
    • Fellows building
    • Networking
    • Research and publications
    • Mentoring and capability-building
    • Knowledge sharing
  2. To develop learning sites that facilitate the convergence of research, capacity-building and knowledge sharing on CBNRM.
  3. To develop a vibrant, accountable and sustainable Learning Center that is able to creatively adapt to its environment, promote cutting-edge knowledge and practice in CBNRM, and provide effective, efficient and relevant services to communities and CBNRM practitioners.
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